Discography : Distance


‘Distance’ is Dhruv’s debut as a solo artist. This fusion/world effort will set precedents for all World Artists emerging from the continent.

This music is a product of several years of travels and meetings… Recording these tunes has been an incredibly rewarding experience, for several reasons:

  • It brought me face to face with some of my heroes, musicians who have shaped me in my formative years and some greats who I have met recently , along the way.
  • It has also compelled me to commit to my ideas (however insignificant they sounded in conception)
  • It has re affirmed the old adage: “You never finish a tune, you have to abandon it... “

I have been fortunate to have been blessed with many teachers who have guided me in my music and life, my deepest gratitude to all of you.

To all the musicians who ‘ve performed on this cd, thank you for making this music yours.

Track List:

  • Seven / Eleven
  • Conscious
  • Tricky Disaster
  • Sunday
  • Perfect
  • Cunning Politics
  • Pop Quiz
  • Only If


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