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Discography : Coke Studio @ MTV Season 4: Episode 3

Coke Studio @ MTV Season 4: Episode 3

On this episode of Coke Studio@MTV Season 4, we see the debut of Producer Dhruv Ghanekar, on the show.Known equally for his technical prowess, as well as for bringing a distinctly modern touch to his music. On this episode we see him present 3 brand new tracks, that couldn't be more diverse and different in their existence. On 'Nimoli' inspired by Rajasthani folk lyrics, legendary vocalist Ila Arun sings about bittersweet love, offset by the hip-hop inspired performance of MC Bobkat. While the set takes an ethereal turn on the second track 'Ae Rab'. Choosing to sing this himself, Dhruv pairs his own unique vocal stylings, with the incomparable Master Saleem, as they sing about finding God within one's own self, on this song inspired by a Bulle Shah poem. The third track, is a blazer, bringing together Kalpana Patowary singing in bhojpuri, along with Sonia Saigal, bringing her soul and blues vocal style to the fore. The lyrics bring together the common topic of a hard-working life, resonating equally between ancient farmer songs of Bihar, as well farm-workers from New Orleans. Watch these amazing tracks come alive on this episode of Coke Studio@MTV Season 4!

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